A clean slate…a new beginning.

Have you ever been in a place in life where things lined up just right and you found yourself in a position to start over?

Maybe you’re there not because you want to be, but because you were forced into it.

Or maybe you just got gutsy and decided to take a leap into something you’ve always wanted to do!

But regardless of what led you to this place, you now have a decision to make.

What will you do with it?


This blog is my leap!


The kids are out on their own.

My business partner and I are closing the chapter on our engineering business that we’ve had for eighteen years.

And my husband is changing careers.

The slate doesn’t get much cleaner than that, right?!


Let me introduce myself…


My name is Debbie Rowe and this is me in a nutshell…

Child of God and deeply loved by Him.

Wife to a very talented man who charms me with beautiful music and great food!

Mother to two beautiful daughters who surprise and delight me on a daily basis.

Mother-in-law to a kind-hearted (but sometimes mischievous!) son-in-law.

And “human” to an extremely spoiled beagle named Sugar! (aka my new business partner!) She looks thrilled, huh…

Debbie and Sugar


What does this mean for you?


It just so happens that I love to teach! For years I’ve been hosting classes in my home and helping people get their creative juices flowing through the art of paper crafting…cards, scrapbooking and gifts of all kinds.

AND I absolutely love to connect people with each other and watch beautiful friendships form! After all, it’s always better to craft with a friend, right?

So what better way to get to do both than through an online community?!

Right here is where I’ll be teaching paper crafting projects of all kinds, giving you tips and tricks on lots of cool things, sharing ideas for gifts and upcoming holidays and a whole bunch of other fun stuff!


I really hope you’ll join me in embracing the love of paper crafting together!


Stay tuned…


I’m in the process of putting together all sorts of things…

My new craft room (yes, I’m taking over the kids’ rooms!)

Tutorials, videos, email newsletters, etc. etc. – yes, it’s mind boggling, but fun!

So here’s what I want YOU to do… Sign up for my email list! Because that’s where you’ll find out about all the latest and greatest.

And I’ll talk to you soon!