Have you ever started to clean out your craft space only to realize that, in order to move this thing, you’ll have to rearrange that thing and get rid of these other things?

Then it’s time to decide what to do with each item – keep it, give it away or (YIKES!) throw it away.

You’re just starting to make good progress when you run across that HUGE box of photos that you’ve been intending to sort through for………..let’s face it………..YEARS!


So begins the domino effect – you tip one over and they all start to tumble.


Well that’s the mode I’ve been in for the last two months, only on a much larger scale!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we’re closing our engineering business after eighteen years.

Sounds simple enough, right?

But here’s what that “simple” decision led to…

DOMINO #1………. We sold our office building and had to either get rid of, store or move all of our files, equipment and furniture. Let me tell you, you can accumulate a LOT of stuff in eighteen years!!

DOMINO #2………. We needed to set up an office at home because there is still a lot to do before we actually close the business. But where would that space come from? My craft room, of course.

Craft Room West

(Here’s what it has looked like lately…a piled up mess!)

Craft Room East

DOMINO #3………. Then we had to find me a new craft room. Remember those kids that moved out? Yep, Mom’s taking over! But my daughter’s taste in colors didn’t quite match up with mine…..


So a paint job was in order.

Craft Room New Colors

Like my pretty new colors?

DOMINO #4,,,,,,,,,, Before we could paint, though, everything had to be moved out…but, to where?!

The garage, I suppose.

DOMINO #5………. Except that’s it’s full. Oh boy……ok, let’s start with cleaning out the garage – keep, give away, throw away – you know the routine.

After cleaning out the garage, our daughter’s room AND my craft room, it was finally moving day for the office!

Oh my goodness, soooooo much furniture! Where to put it all?

DOMINO #6………. We filled up our new office space AND my new craft room!

New Craft Room West
The big challenge now? To make my craft room look cute and crafty, not officy! (Is that a word?)

New Craft Room East

So that’s where we stand right now. Be sure and stay tuned to see how the new craft room comes out!

You’re probably asking by now…. “What happened to those cards and fun projects you promised me?”

They’re coming soon……. very soon. Well, as soon as I can find all my craft supplies!

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