Paper Snips

Paper Snips

A great pair of scissors is a must on any crafter’s table. There are many varieties, depending on what type of craft you do, but my favorite go-tos for paper crafting are my Stampin’ Up! Paper Snips.

These little guys, with their razor-sharp points, will cut the teeny-tiniest little pieces with perfect precision. They’re also light-weight and the perfect size to keep within reach for just about any job.

Paper Snip Points

Notice I said “just about any”? There’s one thing you DON’T want to cut with them and that’s ribbon, because they’ll sure enough make a mess of it.

You DO want your ribbon cutting like butter, don’t you?

Then keep this in mind…

Paper dulls scissors faster than just about anything, so you always want to keep another pair of nice sharp scissors nearby that you ONLY use for cutting ribbon or fabric – NEVER paper!

Mark them with a piece of ribbon, color them pink, keep them locked up in a drawer – whatever it takes to make sure that no one else (you know who I’m talking about!) uses them on that school science project or to pry open the can of nuts in the pantry.


Stampin’ Trimmer

This is hands down the best trimmer on the market that I’m aware of (or at least that I’ve tried).

It has a nice wide cutting surface (6-1/4″) that extends out to 14-1/2″ with an arm. It even has a 1-1/4″ measuring grid on the right side for cutting small strips.

Stampin Trimmer Arm

My absolute favorite thing about it is that it has a cutting and a scoring blade both on the same track. That way when I go to cut a card base, all I have to do is measure, cut, turn and score – BAM!! Done in about 10 seconds.

They were even thoughtful enough to make the two blades different colors so people like me don’t make a booboo and cut instead of score. SCORE!!!

Stampin Trimmer Blades

I don’t know about you, but I love to go craft with friends whenever I get the chance, and this trimmer is the perfect size to take with me. I never have to worry about the blades falling off in transit because it has a little slide lock at the top to keep the blade track from moving.

Stampin Trimmer Lock

AND it has a nifty storage area on the bottom for all the necessities of crafting…gum, mints, extra change for the soda machine…oh yeah – and extra cutting and scoring blades!

There you have it – my favorite tools that cut! If you didn’t catch it yesterday, go here to check out my favorite adhesives. And come back tomorrow for Part Three of a seven-day series on all (or at least many) of my favorite crafting tools and why I use them.


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